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With increased performance and high scalability and storage you can achieve maximum performance with our VPS hosting solution.
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Professional VPS
Engineered to be perfect
$4.99 /month
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  • CPU
    1 Core
  • RAM
    1GB Memory
  • DISK
    40GB Space
  • DATA
    2TB Bandwidth
Business VPS
Secured and diversified
$9.99 /month
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  • CPU
    2 Cores
  • RAM
    2GB Memory
  • DISK
    60GB Space
  • DATA
    5TB Bandwidth
Enterprise VPS
High performance and traffic
$19.99 /month
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  • CPU
    4 Cores
  • RAM
    4GB Memory
  • DISK
    120GB Space
  • DATA
    10TB Bandwidth

Fully scalable to grow with you

Our highly scalable and well performed VPS hosting solution is scalable to grow as your business grows.

Our VPS solution plans are designed to manage all your needs. The services can be easily upgraded upon request so that all web applications can run smoothly.


Full Proof Security

Our Servers are fully secured and are ready to counter attack DDOS attacks.

In addition, we provide unlimited free SSL certificates using Lets Encrypt.


Redundant infrastructure

The infrastructure of our VPS servers are planned,designed and then engineered to provider maximum output with high scalabilty and better security as compared to top brands

Try our services for free with our money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions VPS

Check out the answers and solutions for the most frequently asked questions about web hosting.

What is VPS hosting?
  • VPS hosting utilizes something called a Virtual Private Server. Essentially, this style of hosting mimics a dedicated server, but it utilizes a shared server environment..

    Your physical servers will be housed in a data center. And a VPS is the portioned part of this physical server that has its own operating system, disc space, and bandwidth.

How does VPS hosting work?
  • On the same single physical server, you can run several different virtualized servers..

    Each of these virtual servers will act as if they’re separate dedicated servers.

What software can I install on VPS hosting?
  • With VPS hosting you have much more control over the software that your server is running.

    Typically, the only limits placed upon the software you can run are the operating system the server runs on and your total memory allocation

What is the difference between a VPS and a Dedicated Server?
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) is the virtual servers which can be partitioned into multiple virtual servers in a single physical server. Each virtual server can run its own operating systems, applications and data which are all isolated from all other and it's also can be independently rebooted.

    A Dedicated Server is a server provided by a web host for you to rent. You have remote access to the server and you can customize the server to your own needs. The server is owned by the web host and you don't have physical access to the server.